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BLCU Accommodation Booking

BLCU Accommodation Booking Service is provided by CUCAS, to book accommodation for students during their study in BLCU. This service is mainly based on campus accommodation, but we also offer you some optional hotels around BLCU. Some hotels require the deposit.

More than 8,000 international students study in BLCU every year, while there are only 2,000 bunks in the campus dormitory. Thus, the university cannot assure each applicant to live on campus. Fortunately, BLCU will give priority to supply dormitory for the students who apply through CUCAS. That is, CUCAS will guarantee the campus accommodation to our applicants. We have collected the facilities, types and the prices of different dormitories below for your reference. The university provides six dormitory building for commoners: Building 4,Building 6, Building 7, Building 8, Building 17 and Conference Center Hotel.


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Accommodation Booking Service Procedure:

Students do:


Service Fee: Free

Note:The students that apply for BLCU courses through CUCAS application system, do not need to pay the Accommodation Booking Service fee.

Here you can check the detailed information of each dorm building:

Type of accommodationIndicative cost
International Student House (Building 17) RMB 65 – 180 / Day
The Conference Center Hotel RMB 140 –348 / Day
Internatinal Students Dormitory Service Center (Building 4,6,7,8) RBM 40 – 200 / Day
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