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International Student House (Building 17)

Welcome to Beijing Language and Culture University International Student House (shorted as ISH). The ISH is located in the Beijing Language and Culture University campus, and put into use at the end of 2005, with full-floor building area of 28,000 square meters, a total of 600 rooms, more than 1,000 the beds. Annually it receives more than 3,000 international students from different countries and regions, and is the largest and most international foreign students’ apartments in Beijing Language and Culture University.

International Student House in a "people-oriented, service first" purpose, wholeheartedly creates clean and beautiful living and learning environment for international students, makes efforts to build the international Student House as international students’ warm, comfortable and happy home in China. The Apartments are equipped with restaurants, cafes, cultural experience room, tea house, canteen, laundry room, communal kitchen and other facilities, and strive to make international students from different countries and different cultures not only enjoy the hospitality of the service, but also share the joy and experience of multi-culture.


Double room

Apartment double room is with an area of about 25 square meters, equipped with private bathroom, two single beds, desk, wardrobe, air conditioning, refrigerator, television, telephone, network interface and other equipment and facilities.

Time\Accommodation Charging Standard
Under 4 weeks RMB 95 About USD 15.2
4 weeks-6 weeks RMB 75 About USD 12
12 weeks RMB 70 About USD 11.2
Above 20 weeks RMB 65 About USD 10.4


  1. Room phone is 201 telephone c, you need to purchase 201 phone card in canteen and plug-in card for use.
  2. Please go to the campus network service center (beside the West Gate) to handle the network opened business before using the network. After you enter the room, please confirm whether the items available within the room are well and properly keep your cash, valuables and other things. When going out, make sure to lock the doors and windows; do not put valuables in the window, if there is any question please contact attendants.
  3. Attendant will clean your room every day and will replace your bedding regularly.
  4. If your letter is sent to the service desk, we will send it to your room. (The House does not make the collection of parcels)
  5. Please read the emergency evacuation plan behind the room door, pay attention to the location of floor emergency exit. In case of fire and other emergencies, please remain calm, obey the command of staff to guide you to rapidly evacuate from the emergency exit.
  6. In order to ensure your personal safety, if the key is lost or man-made damage, please immediately bring the passport and student ID to the service desk to report lost and manage the procedures of compensation. (For double room, please conduct with your roommate in the service desk)
  7. Strictly prohibit bringing any flammable, explosive, drugs or other dangerous items into the apartment; prohibit fireworks and firecrackers in the apartment district.
  8. When room equipment failure occurs, please contact with the floor attendant or service desk. Do not make repairs by yourself, please take good care of apartment building equipment and facilities. Economic losses caused by improper use or human damage should be borne by the guests.
  9. Do not smoke in public areas, and do not shouting in rooms to avoid affecting the rest of others. 9. Do not place the flowerpot and other articles in the balcony, so as not to endanger the safety of others if it falls.
  10. The dissemination and posting small advertisements, promotional materials are strictly prohibited in the apartment.
  11. Do not store and raise pets in the building.
  12. Changing rooms without permission is strictly prohibited. If you are going to travel more than three days, please go to the register in the service desk.
  13. Do not give your room number, telephone number to strangers; If abnormal, please immediately inform the service desk or floor attendant. (Chinese service only).
  14. Prohibit engaging in any violation of "The People's Republic of China laws and regulations" and the relevant provisions of our school activities in the apartment building.
  15. If you need help, please notify the service desk. (Chinese service only)


Laundry Room

Business Hours: 7:00-22:00

Both sides of each floor are equipped with laundry rooms. The laundry rooms are equipped with washing machine and laundry drier, which can be use with coin, the coin can be bought in Convenience Store of the building.

Notice: Please take care of your cloths, take away them without delay when drying.

Kitchen (shared)

Business Hours: 7:00-22:00

Both sides of each floor are equipped with communal kitchens. The kitchen is equipped with electromagnetic oven, microwave oven for the use of students inside the building


Business Hours: 10:00-22:00

COLLECE PERK café, popular in the North American universities, with its stylish, warm and distinct features of low price meets the large coffee lovers. Serving you a cup of highly personalized coffee and comfortable smile is highest mission of us all practitioners.

Here you can not only sip the authentic coffee, authentic cuisine, but also enjoy reading or surfing in the Internet and a series of personalized service, ALWAYS FRESH is our uncompromising principle. Maybe you can anywhere in the world taste the coffee as you like, but here you will get home-like warmth. In fact, we just regard ourselves as your living room and study room ------ This is what we COLLEGE PERK coffee man pursues.

Convenience Store

Business Hours: 10:00-22:00

Convenience Store is located in the first floor of International Student House, has various store goods with reasonable price. Main products: school supplies, household items, beverages, food, phone cards, all kinds of Korean food and so on. The convenience store adheres to "do everything possible to service students" principle of service, advocates "green marketing, health care" business philosophy, highlights the operating characteristics of goods, and put improving the life quality of consumers as our responsibility, and seek to create safe, healthy life with customers. In the future development, our restaurant will continue hold the spirit of "customer first, credit first, good service, quality first, innovation, efficiency first" quality policy, innovatively operates, strengthens management, and continuously enhance customers’ satisfaction.


Location-International Student House (Building 17)


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