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Pay The Fees Service


CUCAS offers paying the fees service on behalf of you, which consists of fees payment (tuition fee and accommodation fee), pick-up and registration assistance services.

After you booked the service successfully, CUCAS will appoints a personal staff to pick you up at airport, and guide you to pay tuition fee and accommodation fee as well as deal with registration issues on registration day to ensure your smooth enrollment.

Why Choose CUCAS to Pay The Fees Service?
The following troubles will be relieved:
Carrying large sums of cash
Could not transfer money without China’s Debit Card and bank account
Heavy payment for using Credit Card
Troubles during the registration process aroused by unfamiliar language communication and strange environment
Benefits and conveniences you will enjoy:
Flexible payment methods, convenient transfer and payment (To check payment methods)
Personal pick-up service (no separate pick-up fee is required)
Personal registration assistance service (no separate registration fee is required)
Note: BLCU only accepts payment by cash or by card. For debit card, the university only accepts the card transacted in China; for using international credit card (VISA and MASTER), you have to pay the heavy using fee.
How to book CUCAS Pay The Fees Service?

1. To confirm the amount you need to transfer to CUCAS account, which is up to the course you applied and the accommodation type you booked . (please refer to the following form)

2. Choose the payment method which is suitable for you

3. To contact with CUCAS staff to confirm your payment is successful.(contact email: servic@cucas.cn)


You will find the costs in the following sheet is different from the one you calculated, that is because the following costs include tuition fee, accommodation fee, bank charges, pick-up service fee.

Duration ( Chinese Program ) Campus Dormitory Conference Center Hotel
Double Room Single Room Single Room
4 Weeks Regular 1330 $ 1540 $ 2060 $
4 Weeks Intensive 1630 $ 1840 $ 1950 $
5 Weeks Regular 1530 $ 1790 $ 1940 $
6 Weeks Regular 1720 $ 2030 $ 2210 $
8 Weeks Regular 2210 $ 2630 $ 2860 $
12 Weeks Regular 2750 $ 3310 $ 3800 $
12 Weeks Intensive 3450 $ 4010 $ 4500 $
1 Semester Regular 3740 $ 4500 $ 5260 $
1 Semester Intensive 4980 $ 5740 $ 6500 $
1 Academic Year 7690 $ 9540 $ 11400 $

* The costs include tuition fees, accommodation fees, bank charges, pick-up and registration guidance fees.
* Students who choose this Tuition Payment Services, do not need to pay the pick-up service fee again.

Payment Methods

We offer the following three ways of remittances, from which you can choose the one you are most convenient with. Be sure to specify your NAME or APPLICATION ID in your remittance:


Western Union:

Last name/ Family Name: REN
First name/ Given Name: HUIJUAN


Account Name: Beijing Chiwest Co., Ltd.
Account No.:11001079900053005134
Bank Info: China Construction Bank, Beijing Br. Qinghuayuan Subbr.

Intermediate Bank Info: Bank of America, New York
Swift Code: BOFAUS3N
Fedwire: FW 026009593