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GAP Year Program(Chinese Courses & Taste Beijing & Cross China Trip)

  • Qualification Awarded:
  • Non-Degree
  • Duration of Study:
  • 1 Semester (20 hours/week)
  • Starting Date:
  • Feb.24 2014
  • Application Deadline:
  • Jan.20 2014
  • Tuition Fees
  • USD 8,290 In total
  • Application Fee:
  • 110 USD (Non-Refundable)
  • Teaching Language:
  • Chinese

Program Overview

What’s it really like to live in China? With BLCU Gap Year Program you’ll have the chance to find out for yourself.

The GAP Year Program is specially designed for overseas students. With BLCU Gap Year Program you’ll immerse yourself in a rich history and culture and discover what it means to be Chinese. You’ll develop an understanding of what it’s like to live in a country that is rapidly becoming a global superpower and gain life skills you can draw upon in college and beyond. The amazing GAP Year Program will make you violent impressed and it is made from three parts : Chinese Course, Taste Beijing, Cross China Trip.

Program Highlights

  1. Live on a Chinese campus where everyone (both international and Chinese) knows at least some English!
  2. Internationally recognized university.
  3. Exceptional academics - study Mandarin in Beijing while taking an in-depth approach to learning international business.
  4. Small class sizes, which are ideal for language learning.
  5. Easy access to all the tourist sights of Beijing.
  6. Travel around China's capital with a guide born and raised in Beijing.
  7. A tour through China's classic natural landscapes and cities in 3 weeks.
  8. Vibrant campus life with numerous club and sports opportunities.
  9. No any extra in the program. The Program Fee including all tickets for Taste Beijing and Cross China Trip.

Program Structure

Chinese Course

You will be enrolled in a 4-hour a day intensive Mandarin Chinese language program at China’s best language university, Beijing Language and Culture University BLCU has been teaching Chinese language courses to international students for 41 years.. When you arrive you will take a test to determine whether you will be placed in an elementary or intermediate class. All courses have four parts: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. By the time you finish you will have a vocabulary of thousands of words.
Besides that, If you do think that you have some problems in Chinese Course, which you want to improve your Chinese in the 4 parts, or other difficulties, you can come into our Free Corner with your friend and you’ll be fluent before you know it!

More detail about Chinese Course >>

Taste Beijing

Taste Beijing is organized by CUCAS. Learn about your new city from the people who know it best - the locals. An organized city tour is available for all program participants who wish to take part. We will show you what real Beijing is, and how to enjoy your life during your study time. It’s including 3 parts: Beijing Cuisine, After class activities, Weekends activities.

  • Beijing Cuisine---We will guide you to taste Beijing’s most famous cuisine in weekends.
  • After class activities--- We will teach you how to play Chinese Chess, to cook Chinese dishes and lots of other Chinese cultural activities.
  • Weekend's activities--- We will take you to the most beautiful and interesting places in Beijing, likes the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Beijing Suburb, etc.

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Cross China Trip

This trip what is specially designed for GAP Year students. The trip start off after your Chinese course has ended. We plan this trip in July, which is the best time tour China. The route of Cross China, includes: Henan Shaolin Temple, Guilin&Yangshuo, Shanghai. We will go by train from North China to South China and then to East China. The Cross China Trip will help you experience the culture of China's many ethnic groups.

  • Henan Shaolin Temple--- The birthland of Chinese Kongfu for 3 days. You will stay with monks and learn real Chinese Kongfu.
  • Guilin and Yangshuo ---You will sit on a bamboo raft to enjoy the beautiful views all around you in the beautiful Yulong River and ride a bike to cross Ten-mile Gallery(Shilihualang).
  • Shanghai—the most modern city in China. You will stand in the Oriental Pearl TV Tower to enjoy the whole beautiful views of the Shanghai skyline and You will ride a boat in the narrow rivers of old Shanghai and see towns more than a century old.

CUCAS will be your tour leader in Cross China. We will show you how fun and breathtaking a trip across China can be..

More details about Cross China Trip>>


Check Prices & Dates

Fees : USD 8,290

Dates: Chinese Course Feb.28th to July.5th ,Cross China Trip July 8th to July 29th

What is included:

  • Chinese Language Classes 20 hours/week.
  • Textbooks
  • Airport Pickup & Drop off Service.
  • Accommodation, Double-occupancy housing (2 students/bedroom) at International Student House on BLCU campus
  • Medical and accident insurance
  • Welcome Package. Everything you need to hit the ground running. Welcome Package (high quality made) including: one bag, one China Gap Year T-shirt, one Gap Year Typical Bag, One Beijing Guoan Football Fans Scarf, one SIM card, one Beijing transportation card, one bicycle, one note book, two pens, one new Beijing traveling Brochure, one new Chinese traveling Brochure, one live tips brochure, etc.)
  • Orientation at CUCAS Office. We invite all students to our office for an informative orientation about living and working in China. Our staff will inform you about major tourist attractions, provide general tips for daily life, and lend advice about how to succeed during your study in BLCU. This is also your chance to meet and network with other students.
  • Welcome Party. You’ve arrived - now let’s party! CUCAS will welcome you ‘Chinese style’ during a night filled with seemingly endless eating, drinking, and socializing. We invite you and all other students to join us for a celebratory feast. And you must love Beijing in the First Day.
  • Drinking, food and the face to face training activities in Free Corner.
  • Taste Beijing. All the activities fee and attraction ticket visited with the group.
  • Cross China Trip. All the transportation, accommodation and tickets.
  • On-site support and emergency support
  • One Free Bicycle in Beijing

What is not included:  

  • Airplane Tickets. You can find some good deals on such websites like www.cheaptickets.com or www.kayak.com.
  • Foreign Visas
  • Meals outside of the Cross China Trip
  • Personal expenses and travel
  • Cost of cell phone calls

Check Housing

We will arrange all GAP Year Program students to live in a two bed room in International Student House (Building #17), the best building is for overseas students in BLCU.

The Beijing Language and Culture University International Student House is located on the Beijing Language and Culture University campus, built at the end of 2005, it has full-floor building area of 28,000 square meters, a total of 600 rooms, more than 1,000 the beds. Annually it receives more than 3,000 international students from different countries and regions, and is the largest and most international foreign students' apartments at Beijing Language and Culture University.

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Check Application Procedure

You could do that by these 6 steps below:

  1. Apply on line
  2. Get the application result
  3. Pay the deposit
  4. Receive Admission Package & Welcome Package
  5. Pay the balance before enrolment
  6. Arrival

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Application Requirements:

  1. The applicant should be over 18 and below 50 years old.
  2. The applicant must be in excellent health.

Getting in touch

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