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CUCAS Services & Service Fees

CUCAS Services

The CUCAS vision is to create a better solution for the overseas students getting into China’s universities. Our business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of efficient, fast and safe admission service to China’s Universities and international students. All of CUCAS staffs are constantly trying to do everything a little better, a little simpler, more efficiently.

Here you can view our Customer Services Content, Service fees, Customer Service Standard.

University Application Service

Service Description

CUCAS University Application Service is provided by CUCAS and BLCU. You can apply for the courses of BLCU through CUCAS online application system, and BLCU will check the application materials and decide whether to make an offer or not. Authorized by BLCU (see Authorized Letter), CUCAS will get the enrollment information and inform the students via online system. If admitted, CUCAS will mail the admission letter to students by DHL.

Application Procedure

CUCAS Online Application System is quite easy and convenient, and after you determine which course to apply for, you will have only four steps to complete the application

  1. Fill out the application form
  2. Upload the required documents
  3. Pay for the application fee
  4. Submit the application

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University Application Service Standard

  • Process online applications within 24 hours of submission to CUCAS
  • Provide decision information online to applicants, within eight hours of receiving the decision from BLCU
  • Answer all calls within 60 seconds
  • Respond to emails within one days (during office hours)
  • Admission Package will be delivered to the customer by DHL once the mailing address is confirmed by the customer
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Accommodation Booking Service

BLCU Accommodation Booking Service is provided by CUCAS, to book accommodation for students during their study in BLCU. This service is mainly based on campus accommodation, but we also offer you some optional hotels around BLCU. Some hotels require the deposit.

More than 8,000 international students study in BLCU every year, while there are only 2,000 bunks in the campus dormitory. Thus, the university cannot assure each applicant to live on campus. Fortunately, BLCU will give priority to supply dormitory for the students who apply through CUCAS. That is, CUCAS will guarantee the campus accommodation to our applicants.

Accommodation Booking Service Procedure:

Students do:

  • Checking and choosing the accommodation.
  • Filling in the Accommodation Booking Form.
  • Paying the Accommodation Booking Service fee online.


  • Booking dorms for students within one working day after receiving the booking form.
  • Informing the student by email on the day we get the reservation result.
  • Confirming the reservation with the university again before the student’s departure.

Service Fee:
$100 (for Non CUCAS students)

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Airport Pick up service & Registration Assistance

1. Airport Pick up service

Airport Pick-Up Service is provided by CUCAS, designed to offer you an easy journey from Beijing International Airport to BLCU.

When you arrive at Beijing International Airport after thousands of miles’ flight, it sure will bother you if you have to ask for directions dragging all your luggage, or the taxi driver take you to the wrong destination caused by the language barrier, or you cannot find the registration place after your arrival.

Now, CUCAS Pick-Up Service will clear all these worries. Our staff will meet you at the arrival area of Beijing International Airport, holding a sign with YOUR NAME and CUCAS LOGO. Additionally, we will help you to complete the registration procedures in BLCU. All you have to do is to book flights and let us know your itinerary.

2. Registration Assistance

Our staff will walk you through every step of the registration procedure and assist you in properly handling the required payments for both accommodation and tuition, as well as obtaining your student ID and other associated paperwork for you.

You will be shown the placement test location and advised of the procedure and possible forms of placement tests.

Finally, we will assist you in setting up your broadband access internet account through an internet provider on campus, if necessary.

Airport Pick Up Service Procedure:

Students do:

  • Booking flights.
  • Filling out the Pick-Up Service reservation form
  • Paying the Pick-Up Service fee online.


  • Confirming the flights information with the student by email after receiving the pick-up reservation form.
  • Picking-up the student at Beijing International Airport and taking the student to BLCU.
  • Assisting the student to complete the registration in BLCU.

Pickup Service Fee: $100
Register Service Fee: $100
Pickup & Register Service Fee: $200

Additional Service:

  • All our staffs are fluent English speakers, and can help you to communicate with others.
  • If needed, CUCAS staff will help you to apply for a phone number and a bank card. We are also very pleased to show you around the campus to give you a quick view of the surrounding environment, such as the supermarkets, subway station, pharmacy, restaurants.
  • Be accompanied on a walkthrough around the campus and surrounding area by CUCAS staff to help you settle in. We will introduce you to the classroom buildings, library, sports facilities, on-/off-campus banks for currency exchange, ATMs that accept international credit/debit cards, recommended restaurants, popular bars and nightclubs on or close to the campus, supermarket, laundry, post office, on-campus hospital and the nearest subway station.
  • A sim card for your cell phone for free, and we will show you where to buy and how to use Chinese cell phone recharge cards.
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