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Apply now, Get Admission Letter in 2 weeks, Accommodation guaranteed.

To Apply to BLCU, why CUCAS should be chosen


  1. Authorized by BLCU to provide online application service (see Authorized letter)
    CUCAS is the official enrollment organization authorized by BLCU. Since 2008, CUCAS has helped more than 5000 students get into Chinese universities. On behalf of the university, CUCAS will help you complete the application and follow up the application result.
  2. Get Admission Letter within 2 weeks
    With the agreement between CUCAS and BLCU, application result for Chinese program will be made within 2 weeks. CUCAS will pick up the admission letter and JW 202 Form from the university.
  3. Accommodation Guarantee
    It is said that it's hard to book accommodation on campus at BLCU. CUCAS could make it easier, and your accommodation will be guaranteed. We suggest you apply for the dormitory as soon as you receive the admission letter to make sure you can get your favorite type of dorm.Check Accommodation at BLCU>>
  4. Deliver Admission letter by DHL
    To make sure you can receive the admission letter and JW202 Form safely and quickly, we will deliver your admission package by express, such as DHL.
  5. Experienced staffs
    With years of dedicated experience working with both students and professionals, we understand service level you require to Study in China. Our experienced course counsellors will help you choose the course that suits you best. Based on your academic qualifications and work experience, we will offer you an impartial and professional advice on international higher education institutions and course options, while considering your budget, preferred city and other preferences.
  6. Scholarship opportunity
    Special Scholarship for CUCAS users: The BLCU New Student Scholarship is an exclusive fund set up by Beijing Language and Culture University with the aim of encouraging the outstanding degree students who apply through CUCAS to study at BLCU. The scholarship will cover the recipient's tuition for the first academic year. See more>>

What makes CUCAS No.1 recruiter ?

  1. We offer a greater range of information about courses and educational institutions in China than any other education adviser
  2. We offer advices and free enrolment services for a full-range of education opportunities including Chinese programs, English taught degree programs, etc.
  3. We practice high standards and offer unbiased advices about studying in China.
  4. We discuss your ‘whole–of–life’ education experience with you and help you achieve thelong-term educational goals.

The advantage of discussing your future with CUCAS is that we will assist you through the process from the beginning to the end – saving time, effort and cost of enrolling.

Our service continues after your arrival in China. CUCAS Student Services offices in Beijing will help you with settling into the new environment and provide you with information on visas or applications.

Try us, and you will understand why CUCAS is the first choice for international students.

Student Voices

Mithra Rostami from France

"One of my friends, who is studying at BLCU, recommended that I go to CUCAS website and to ask them everything I needed to know about my study plans. So I did. It was great and I have enlisted the aid of CUCAS while I prepare to enroll at Beihang University. They have friendly and professional counsellors and they have lots of information about universities in China. Their recommendation was personalised and they knew what I wanted and needed. The in-house interviews were especially helpful because I could meet people from the various universities I was interested in and compare between them to make a better decision."

Ilya Ilchenko from Russia

"When I decided to study in China, the first thing I did was to contact CUCAS and to seek information about different program availability. I was counselled by very professional staff and the information provided by them has given me the confidence to study in China. If I have any questions to ask, I know CUCAS will always be there for me when I need help."